Industrial manipulators and material lifting devices

Large manufacturing companies worldwide in the Automotive, Aerospace, Mechanical, Electromechanics and Fashion Industries repeatedly choose the INDEVA® Industrial Manipulators. Since 1970 we design and build market-leader industrial manipulators at our headquarters and production unit located in Italy, near Milan.
In 1989 S.I.T. Indeva Inc. was established in the U.S.A; in 2022  S.I.T. Indeva split up into 2 companies in order to better serve the growing market for both INDEVA and SIT products and Scaglia Indeva Inc. was established


Scaglia INDEVA® boasts great expertise in designing custom end-effectors to grip, turn and flip loads in a safely manner. In designing each end-effector, great importance is given to ergonomics, often collaborating with ergonomists and doctors. Grippers with suction cups, magnet, mechanical activated jaws, extended and foldable handles, with the ability to turn the load and suitable to handle boxes, totes, glass panes, bottles and panels.

Proud to be part of Lamborghini‘s excellent production: watch the video!

Motor Vehicle Industry

Our Liftronic Easy with an advanced electronic control system will help reduce operator fatigue, avoid injury and increase productivity. In the Motor Vehicle Industry, the top manufacturers have found that working with Indeva guarantees a high standard of safety because movement is only permitted if activated by the operator.

INDEVA® Industrial Manipulators in a pharmaceutical company in the U.S.A.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

The weight detected in real time combined with self-balancing are extremely important in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, when handling bins and bags our manipulators allow rapid load positioning, with no jerks enabling precision to be a key feature of our Liftronic systems.

Case history: A large company in the pharmaceutical industry have to handle trays filled with glass containers: about 30 trays per hour have to be picked from the filling machines and released unto a trolley….

Mechanical Component Industry

The handling of various mechanical components with our manipulators is easy, Indeva auto-balances the weight making each operation effortless to perform. Our manipulators allow the use of different types of gripping tools enabling Indeva to provide the most compatible solution for the handling of mechanical components of different shapes and sizes.

INDEVA® Industrial Manipulators in a slaughterhouse 
and at an Italian “parmesan” cheese dairy

Other industries

INDEVA® has supplied systems and complete solutions for material handling with various dimensions, shapes and weights in different industrial fields.


Liftronic features


Liftronic advantages


Liftronic mobile


Liftronic applications


Linear manipulator applications


Telescopic manipulator

The most complete range of industrial manipulators nowadays on the market

Read more about the advantages of Liftronic® Series vs.traditional industrial pneumatic manipulators.

Liftronic® Series (Electronic)

Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA® of the Liftronic® Series featuring advanced electronic control technology.

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Sustainability Rating

SCAGLIA INDEVA SPA headquarter has earned the EcoVadis Bronze Medal, a recognition awarded to the Top 35% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the 12 months prior to the medal issue date.

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PN Series (Pneumatic)

Traditional industrial manipulators of the PN Series featuring pneumatic control technology.

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Sustainability Report

In order to enhance its commitment to sustainability, which has always characterized its business principles, Scaglia INDEVA has chosen to draw up its own Sustainability Report on a voluntary basis.

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